Playing to Win vs. Playing Not to Lose... Big implications for your success!

Although these two sound similar at first they have a profound impact on your success.

Sports teams, departments, businesses and individuals frequently avoid short term risk - and play "not to lose" - in the hope that they will be successful long term. Frequently this is not the case!

"Playing to win" involves embracing short-term risk with the aim of better outcomes in the future.

The key is to look long-term!

Lets say a short-term risk carries a 20% chance of success. The majority of us would stop there. We only have a 1-in-5 chance of winning so we don't take the risk. However, if we considered the long term picture, if we don't take action, there may only be a 5% chance of success. Because we don't take the long-term view we always tend to play not-to-lose in the short term and severely limit our potential for success.

Engaging in short-term risk - is a strong influencer in your long-term success.

If you're going to play at to WIN.

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