10x your company...10x your people!

Business has many similarities with a game: successes and failures, wins and losses, strategies and tactics, teamwork vs. individual skill.

However you look at it, if you're playing this 'game' there's really only one long-term successful strategy: play to win. So incremental 5 - 10% year-on-year growth goals are not really going to sustain you. The competition is too great.

We should be thinking 10x rather than 2x to really thrive.

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However 'success at all costs' is not a long-term winning strategy. Many companies with talented people and toxic cultures have failed to thrive long term.

So where do you find balance?

In my view: win with the people first and you'll win with the business.

Put another way 10x the people and you'll 10x the company!

If you have a clear vision for your company but you have a challenge enrolling the team members in the idea, I'll suggest three options: push, pull and partner.

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  • PUSH - get behind them and tell them what to do. if you were a player would that sound good to you? Me neither.

  • PULL - stand in the future, paint the picture and invite people to come and join you. Better but if they want to join in how would they do it? What would be the steps?

  • PARTNER - come alongside an individual and ask what they want to achieve in their own career and life. You set the context (you have a clear vision) and you ask "how would you like to contribute?" "What would the best use of your talents and how can we develop them so you can achieve what you want and help us at the same time?"

Using the company as a vehicle to help people rise to their highest levels of growth and performance is a true WIN - WIN. The company can hardly lose!

Is it simple, yes!

Is it easy? Well it will take some work, but with the prospect of a healthy, growth-focused and fun culture it's well worth the effort!



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