What's your move? And why you need one...

What is it that makes you unique?

What is it that gives you a clear advantage over the competition? What is your signature move, your secret sauce, your brand of magic?

Sometimes this can be seen and experienced directly, sometimes it's hidden. Either way the effects of it make a massive difference to your team members or your customers and keep you ahead.

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Even if you don't know what your move is - or could be - never stop looking for it. It can be found in any number of places. Many successful companies have found one in their:

  • pricing mechanism

  • distribution system

  • design process

  • marketing strategy

  • sales model

  • hiring and on-boarding method

Whatever their move is, it most likely looks so easy for them that competitors can't work out how they do it, or they've tried to copy it and failed..!

When you get the grasp of a move that can get you ahead and deliver a huge advantage, the next thing is to keep practicing and developing it.

The famous kung foo legend Bruce Lee said "fear not the man who has practiced a thousand moves, be afraid of the man who has practiced one move a thousand times..."

Great advice! Get so good at your move that it's extremely hard to duplicate.

Of course your business is more than just your move! At the Scaling Up! workshop we'll take a look at some of the ways to discover and craft your move and incorporate it into an overall strategy along with the other elements of your business so you keep winning.

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Boxer Mohamad Ali had the 'Ali shuffle'

Footballer Johan Cruyff had 'the Cruyff'

Another footballer Lawrie Cunningham had 'the Cunningham'

What's your move?

Help discover it at Scaling Up! 28 June. Register here.


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