Mindset is overrated - it's most likely not the thing you need to improve...

If you wish to achieve more, mindset is most likely not your problem!

It's a little too fluffy and the question always arises..."change my mindset to what?" With companies that I've worked with, a lack of success has not come from a lack of effort but from...

  • not identifying the key constraint in the business

  • not having a plan to improve it (or remove it all together)

  • not being able to stay on track

Research has been able to quantify what determines a successful Scale-up. These companies typically enjoy...

  • 2x cashflow

  • 3x gross margin and...

  • 10x valuation compared to similar companies in their markets

If you're looking at those numbers and thinking how would we do that? I share with you that they are possible: thousands of companies have been able to achieve them and they have been demonstrated with high-end brands, low-end economy brands and those in the mid-sector.

You can achieve them too...and you don't need to fix your mindset to do it!

There are unlimited possibilities for what you could focus on now...

  • team issues: attracting potential team members, selection and hiring, moving people to better positions...

  • marketing: creating a better value proposition, improving the customer experience, clarifying your brand promises, agreeing on a unifying one-phrase strategy...

  • execution methods: communication effectiveness, meeting rhythms, selection of the right priorities and KPIs

  • cash management: better business models, gross margins, buying and supplier agreements, payment terms...

and many more. The key is to find which one will get you furthest fastest now! Register now for the Scaling Up! workshop to accelerate your performance Albert Einstein said "we can't solve problems with the thinking that created them..."

Inventor Buckminster Fuller said "changing the way we think is hard...but using an appropriate tool helps change the our thinking..."

At the Scaling Up! workshop we'll cover the use of some of the core tools thousands of companies are using around the world today to achieve dramatic gains in performance and effectively scale up.

--> Find more details and register for Scaling Up! here <--


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