Are you measuring what matters?

Measurement is essential for achievement.

Without measurement we really don't know how we're doing.

If you miss the start of a football match on TV, when you tune in the first thing you want to know is the score!

Measurement is the only real way to know whether you're making progress (at anything).

However...are we measuring the right things?

The quick video above has a great story of measuring the wrong things and what was done about it to achieve a goal that really mattered.

Lets say I want to improve my fitness level so I can run a marathon (42 kilometres).

Watching TV and eating burgers regularly wont help me with this!

So I measure the hours I watch TV and the number of burgers I eat in a week.

Lets say I get down to zero hours of TV a week and no burgers (none!)

Only to find my fitness level doesn't change!

I'm measuring diligently but not what's actually getting me towards my goal.

I should be measuring the number of times I'm running in a week and how far I can manage without stopping.

Measuring this will lead me directly to my goal.

...Oh and by the way, yes, to do the running I would also likely need to cut down hours spent eating franchise food in front of the big screen!

So measurement is key but if you're measuring something diligently but not achieving your goal, it's likely you're measuring the wrong thing.

The video also suggests a great metric that is so often neglected - employee happiness!

Happy employees mean happy customers. Happy customers spend more money and recommend you to their friends. Measuring staff happiness is a great start on the road to improved performance.


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