Passion vs. Focus...

A lot has been written about passion.

And yes, its necessary.

Without it, it's hard to drum up enthusiasm for taking action...

However you don't get results from your passion! You get them from results. And you get results from what you focus on! All the time, no exceptions.

Here's a quick check in. Ask yourself what you're honestly passionate about. Then look over how you have spent your last month: meetings you've been in, things you've worked on, people you've spent time with, leisure activities you've pursued. How much of that time has been focused on the thing you say you're really passionate about?

If the two line up, great! If they don't, then where you are spending time tells the true story of what's important to you.

Focus is critical for success. And we - and I say we including myself from time to time - often try and take on too many things. True focus is not just cutting out the things we shouldn't be focused on anyway, it's moving even interesting opportunities aside because you have something even more important to do right now.

Apple had the iPad ready to go before the iPhone but instead of trying to work on them together - which many companies try and do - Steve Jobs was radically focused on one: the iPhone. Once that was out and had gained traction in the market, they brought out the iPad......and they've now just topped US$1 trillion in market capitalisation.

So, check-in with yourself. What are you passionate about and what you're focused on.

Align the two. Get truly focused, and you'll enjoy better results.


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