The Power of Themes...

It's pretty much common sense to remember that people perform well when they're having fun!

Even very skillful people find it hard to do their best work when they're disinterested.

Planning Periods and numbers, numbers, numbers...

Businesses are often judged on numbers over defined planning periods. Planning periods can typically be quarterly or yearly and metrics may include customers, revenues, margins, cashflow movements and the like. However, tracking and talking about numbers alone can often become quite dry and even a little boring!

A dash of fun...

A theme can bind people together around a common goal and make it fun. We've known themes chosen from film titles, TV programs, songs, objects or phrases...

For example a company that we worked with had a quarterly goal to simplify a number of processes that, over time, had become a little too complex. The theme they chose was Spiderman.

The Need For Speed - (Those of us awaiting Top Gun 2 will relate to this) - This was chosen by a company wanting to speed up execution and delivery. The Six Million Dollar Man: Chosen by a company who's goal is was to raise revenues by $6M. Bin It! - This was chosen by a waste disposal company to help eliminate processes, reports or documents that were consuming needless time, money or space.


Regular meetings around the theme are necessary to keep the momentum going and yes, I do recommend playing part of the soundtrack if the theme relates to songs, films or TV programs. The meetings are held to track progress and adjust tactics if necessary.

Doesn't Sound Very "Businesslike"?

May be not but the evidence is clear. Ideas like this if properly followed through can help keep the main idea for the period in mind, keep the team members aligned and keep work fun! All that can translate very easily to accelerated performance.

My best,


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