Scaling Up : Two types of Workshop...

There are two broad categories of business workshop...and I've been on the receiving and delivery side of both. In one type there are are lots of ideas coming thick and fast and you may be making lots of notes and highlighting several ideas which may be good to implement in your operation. However, weeks later nothing much has changed. The sheer volume of potential ideas is often overwhelming and we end up doing nothing about any of them. In the second type there are great ideas for sure, but probably deeper in nature and participants can instantly see how they can make a substantial impact on their business and life. The Scaling Up workshop - 23 May - follows the second model. Grab your seat here and bring a team mate or two with you as there will be plenty of opportunities for discussing how to apply the concepts to your environment. If you've been in business for a while, scaling up to a new level of performance and staying there will not be a trivial matter. It won't be a "quick fix" ! But you'll be able to see the ideas that apply to you very clearly and and know how to take action.

Over 40,000 companies worldwide in multiple sectors have used the Scaling Up tools and approaches and it'll be great sharing some of them with you.

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...and I look forward to seeing you there.


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