Beware Your Company's Immune System

What got you here won't get you there!

.....That's one of my favourite phases (and happens to be the title of a book my Marshal Goldsmith).

What it means is that, even if we're enjoying a degree of success now, there are more companies than ever that want to put us out of business! We need to be consistently changing to adapt to the times, stay relevant and not fall prey to competition.

However...and it's a big however ... we must be aware of the company's "immune system."

Our body's immune system serves to keep us in a steady state and protect us from infectious threats and toxins. It "pushes back" at invaders and keeps us healthy.

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Similarly the company's immune system will push back if there are too many changes implemented too fast. That doesn't mean we have saboteurs in our midst who intentionally want to derail our plans and bring us down, it's actually part of human nature and happens subconsciously.

So, change is great - and necessary if we want to survive and thrive - but we must allow substantial changes to bed-in and take effect before we introduce the next one. Too much too fast will cause the immune system to kick in and we wont get the needed benefit of something new.

My very best,


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