Lessons learned, did you matter? And positive moves for 2020!

I really hope that the end of the calendar year is a healthy and happy time for you, and a time for celebration and preparation for new things to come.

I know that time itself continues to flow and the the numbers by which we measure our times and dates are man-made, but it’s still a nice time to mark the changing of those numbers from 2019 to 2020.

If you’ve made plans and set goals for the new year or if you are thinking about what it might bring, then I encourage you to take an hour or so and really reflect on the lessons you can bring from the last 12 months into the next.

I’m well known for encouraging us not to dwell in the past, but in reflecting, we can bring key lessons into the future and improve our performance. In our fast-paced lives today we rarely build in time for reflection but when we do it can reveal some important keys.

Have an amazing close to 2019, and a happy, healthy and strong start to the new year.

I wish you well.

Keep scaling.


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