5Cs of Crisis...Five Practical Pillars to Keep You and Your Company Healthy...

Panic is contagious...but so is leadership!

Yes, these are unprecedented times and I don't think there's anyone who can confidently predict what is going to happen as the global COVID-19 pandemic progresses.

What we can do is comply with the relevant laws and restrictions and remain proactive. The responses to crises like these are measured in months, but often the recoveries are measured in years. Companies who have continued to invest in growth and prepared themselves well do best when the recovery comes.

There is a lot of great information around offering tips and advice on how to conduct ourselves during movement restrictions and full lockdowns. Use what works for you but always remember to verify the source and validity of health and safety information.

After meeting with CEOs recently Verne Harnish, CEO of Scaling Up, produced this 5C document which I've summarised in the video above. Please also see the link to the full document below.

They are simple, practical and intended to support the more detailed work you're probably already doing.

More details in the video here and I've provided a link to the document below. In short though here they are...

  • Communicate - daily! - set up the rhythm and put bad news first if there is any)

  • Community - give without the expectation of receiving, including your customers)

  • Clean up and Catch up - projects that you've not had time for, and clean out old stuff)

  • Cash - be a good steward and keep your eye on it

  • Calm - good judgement is hard when we're stressed. Stop, breathe, and then decide.

=> Full document link here <=

Lastly...We really are all in this together. Stay safe everyone :)

Keep scaling.


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