Care For Our People: The decades-long pay-off...

Very much hope that this catches you happy, healthy, safe and strong...

The current crisis situation is giving us much to think about in our businesses. Decisions we may have been considering over months or years are now being compressed into days and weeks. The future is arriving much faster than anyone could have predicted...however...

Don't Forget Your their wholeness

While important business considerations need to receive our focus, I encourage all business owners and leadership teams to emphasise caring for their people: the whole human being, not just their professional development and connection the company direction, decisions and progress.

Many of our team mates will have concerns around money and personal finances, education, family relationships, friends and social contacts, health and exercise and more...

What can be done to organise help with such things as

  • Financial assistance and home budgeting

  • Child education (about 800 million children are out of school as I'm writing this)

  • Keeping children entertained at home

  • Family relationship counselling (husband and wife, children, the elderly)

  • Child psychological help

Again this would be general good business practice anyway in the long run but its importance has been amplified several fold in this time.

This will resonate for years and likely decades into the future of our companies.

Lastly. FREE TOOL...from

This company specialises in collecting feedback from team members and they are making their tool available free during this crisis situation.

It's important to understand how our team members are feeling - really feeling - and they are often more willing to tell the truth to a computer rather than to a colleague or supervisor.

Feedback can anonymous if the participant wants it to be and leaders can get feedback within a couple of days as to health of their team and what support they may need.

Thanks to the guys and gals at emplify for making this available.

Keep scaling.


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