Helping Mid-Sector Companies Scale-Up​

The Problem...

The  senior team is busy (very busy!) Business seems to be good. But...we're losing some of our good people, we can't attract enough high-calibre players, margins are under pressure...and we're not generating enough free cash for expansion...

The Solution...

Wouldn't it be great if there was a simple, practical approach to getting control back, improving profitability, attracting top talent...and to start enjoying the business again?

So Why the Profit Edge?

The Profit Edge was formed specifically to deal with the challenges mid-sector firms face in Scaling Up. Ian Homer, our principal coach is one of only four Gazelles International Coaches in East Asia and has lived in the region for over twenty years.

Our successful track record spans over ten years and more than sixty businesses ranging from start-ups to multi-national, multi-million dollar enterprises.

Ian is able to facilitate strategic planning sessions, conduct specific training workshops as well as coach senior executives on improving individual and team performance.

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